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A Local Investment Fund for Local Small Businesses

The Mohawk Valley Micro-Seed Investment Group – is creating its first investment fund dedicated to solving a problem that new entrepreneurs have here in the Mohawk Valley — access to enough investment capital to take that first step.

Small start-up investment in new entrepreneurs building companies and small businesses can provide opportunities for our citizens, improve quality of life and still provide a return over time. An investment at this level can help an entrepreneur with a first run of a product, capital to develop a working prototype or just apply the investment to resources or space. 

We’re talking investments at or around $10,000. This isn’t a lot — but it’s a start and really a magic number separating an idea and an actual chance. 

We’re very interested in supporting ventures led by women, immigrants/refugees, students or companies that can have a positive impact on the Mohawk Valley.

Portfolio Company Benefits

Seed Investment

Up to $10,000 of seed capital in exchange for a small equity position.


Our investors have real-world experience to assist local startups.

Grass Roots Change

We invest in companies who want to create opportunity in the Mohawk Valley.

2020 Investment Round Closes 11/01/20

Upload your information and business plan

Use the form to tell us a little about yourself, your company, and your vision for the future. What do you need? How could a micro-seed investment make a difference? 

You’ll also be asked to upload your business plan and financial projections for consideration.

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